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Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT

EFT is used to overcome a wide range of emotional disturbances and or negative beliefs that are holding people, locking them into a place in time and space, forcing them to relive emotional trauma over and over, years and even decades after the event.

With EFT I can help individuals overcome for example the trauma from rape in as little as one session of EFT.  Whilst the memory of the traumatic experience may still be there, the traumatic negative emotions will not. 

Thus  many say that after a session or two of EFT they can see the experience as a past event but it feels like it happened to someone else as there are no negative emotions connected with it.  Thus the end result leaves individuals with the opportunity to continue living instead of slowly dying inside.

EFT is used for a wide range of emotional issues:
- Rape
- Child Abuse
- War Memories
- Lack of Confidence
- Fears
- Phobias

The above is only a small list of the many areas where EFT is making ground braking inroads where conventional therapy has only dreams of going.

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